New HOA Management Company for Deerlake

Hello Deerlake Community,

As you know the pandemic has slowed down our process of finding a HOA management company. This pandemic has prevented us  from completing major projects needed within our community. Now that things are coming back online, we will finish that process so the new board won’t be overwhelmed. We’ve continued with interviewing  management companies and have selected The Shandon Group.. This company out of all the companies interviewed, will do the most for our community. We’ve interiviewed 7 HOA management companines.The Shandon Group is local and do not have alot of contracts. So they will have plenty of time to get our community back in order. You will be able to call,visit thier website or go into their office downtown. They will have a management officer coming out once a week to handle enforcement,but starting out will make multiple visits including weekends and meet with the board to handle any concerns that we may have to present. Also, they come with their own collection lawyers to handle the few remaining list of old and new homeowners that fail to comply with the covenants and dues. The list of Deerlake has been sent to them and you will be recieving information from them very soon.