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    • Financial Documents
      We have finally recieved all financial records from our bank dating back to 2017. We are currently updating all financial records of all residents. Our percentage of residents current is now 80 out of 139. When we took over March 9 2019 there were only 60 houses out of 139 in June of 2019 43 percent. This is unacceptable and we will have the percentage up to at least 80 percent by June 2020. Currently we are in a crisis with the covid 19 virus, so we will suspend the collection processes until this pandemic has ran its course. This has also given us time to update our records. We will still enforce covenants, Next on the list are trash receptacles and pressure washing houses. Our recommendation is to purchase a pressure washer for the community. Sign out the pressure washer for residents current and in need of pressure washing their homes. We have some volunteers that will come around and pressure wash homes for the qualified during this pandemic. This is a forum and we would very much like your input.. thanks
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    • We the Board of 2019/2020
      We would like to thank ALL the residents that came out and partictpated at the Deerlake Annual Meeting. I would like to apologize for the outbursts that a few of the residents were so willing to express in a negative way to us all. But, we welcome all residents, without participation nothing will get accomplished in a timely manner. We managed to maintain order an finish the agenda. Motions for admendments were passed by the residents at the meeting representing the community. Remember, you have to attend the meeting to vote or send in a proxy. We Held back a few mothions to vote so that we can present those to the community as a whole. If we can do anything to accomplish more order in any meeting presented by Deerake HOA, we will adopt and administer to the meetings. Just know, we are all in this together, and as long as we reside in Deerlake Subdivision.
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    • Your Community has spoken

      Hello Deerlake Residents

      We the board of 2019/2020 presented board findings and board recommendations to the community at the Annual Meeting held February 29,2019.

      These are the Board Findings

      Article 15.10

      ¨The Association shall indemnify all directors. In short

      ¨Indemnify means-secure (someone) against legal liability for their actions.

      ¨There are no consequence for bad decisions legally.

      ¨This article protects the directors so that they can make decisions without worrying about legalities.

      ¨This can be a double edged sword. We must police ourselves as a community who runs its own HOA.

      1) HOA IS SUPPOSE to have 3 times income in reserve bank account

      2)We take in about 31,000.00  if all residents pay their dues

      3) We should have 93,000.00 in reserve

      4) We have 5,000.00

      5) Meeting November 6, 2014 reserve needs to be 3 times the amount of annual income.

      6) Nothing done.

      7) Annual Budget meeting  November 15, 2014

      8)Talking about Dues increase board resigned and nothing else was done.

      9) Special Meeting November 19, 2014  a former board member stated that she and current board members were voluntarily resigning, but issues must be addressed with the Deer Lake dam which is being watched by DHEC.

      10) Nepotism

      11) Conflict of Interest

      12) Contract Clause did not include termination clause for the community

      14) Anyone voting Not in the best interest of the comunity

      15) If lake doesnt get repaired and we have a breach on the dam. Its not a question of if, it is a question of when, the government will take over and the dam will cost the community millions, lake front property will have a 25 percent reduction on property values. They will come in and replace the whole dam

      16) All dues will go up depending on how many millions of dollars the dam will cost.

      17) All property values will decrease substantually

      These are the motions brought forward and passed by your community.

      1) Motion to add Nepotism Policy(Passed Unanimously)

      2) Motion to add Conflict of Interest Policy(Passed Unanimously)

      3) Motion to add termination clause for the community and the Contractor (Passed Unamiously)

      4) We the board of 2020 recommend that this action taken by the previous board be brought before the community.(Passed Unanimously)

      5) Motion to send the board findings to all residents and have them vote on the board findings. (Passed Unanimously)

      6) This is a finding that all should know. This is a finding that all should have a vote. And all need to get involved because these decisions affect us all.

      7) Motion to vote that if the community finds the previous & future board members who are found to make decisions not in the best interest community may not serve on future boards or committees.(Passed Unanimously)

      8) Motion that directors who abuse their authority loose voting rights for a period of 2 years.(4 votes)

      9) Motion that directors who abuse their authority loose voting rights for a period of 4 years.(4 votes)

      10) Motion that directors who abuse their authority loose voting rights for a period of 6 years.(Passed Unanimously)

      11) Motion that all HOA original documents need to be turned over to Current Board  and future boards within 30 days of transitioning (Passed Unanimously)

      12) Motion that all business matters be closed out and completed and not left to the incoming board(Passed Unanimously)

      13) Motion that all boards communicate financials in real time so that the community knows about financials(Transparency)(Passed Unanimously)

      14)Motion that Security or Directors representing the HOA can serve the violations to the residents.(Passed Unanimously)

      15) Motion to have covers for trash containers approved for Deerlake=Jeacent Central Air Conditioner Covers for Outside Units AC Covers 36x36x39 inches on amazon  23.99 a piece color brown.(Passed Unanimously)

      16) Motion to Ban Tractor and Trailers out of Neighborhood from 10pm to 7 am(Passed Unanimously)

      17) Motion to Amend the Admendment  No Semi trucks or trailers, buses, mobile homes, motor homes, or other such vehicles shall be parked at any time upon any portion of a lot or community property. This restriction shall not prohibit the temporary parking of commercial vehicles making deliveries, or while used in connection with providing services to any unit. No resident/tenant shall park, store or keep any vehicle on a yard or grass, any roadways or common area.(Passed Unanimously)

      18)Motion to have represenatives of the community deliver violations to residents(Passed Unanimously)

      19) Dues Increase 225.00 to 425.00 a year for the next 2 years.(written ballot pending)

      20) Recommend a special assessment of 200.00 effective immediately to finish trees off the dam up to the engineering process. We are operating with limited monies to run the HOA. No buffer if an emergency occurs. (written ballot pending)

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