New HOA Management Company for Deerlake

Hello Deerlake Community,

As you know the pandemic has slowed down our process of finding a HOA management company. This pandemic has prevented us  from completing major projects needed within our community. Now that things are coming back online, we will finish that process so the new board won’t be overwhelmed. We’ve continued with interviewing  management companies and have selected The Shandon Group.. This company out of all the companies interviewed, will do the most for our community. We’ve interiviewed 7 HOA management companines.The Shandon Group is local and do not have alot of contracts. So they will have plenty of time to get our community back in order. You will be able to call,visit thier website or go into their office downtown. They will have a management officer coming out once a week to handle enforcement,but starting out will make multiple visits including weekends and meet with the board to handle any concerns that we may have to present. Also, they come with their own collection lawyers to handle the few remaining list of old and new homeowners that fail to comply with the covenants and dues. The list of Deerlake has been sent to them and you will be recieving information from them very soon.


Deerlake Residents ONLY

The Forum and Community Documents is where Deerlake Residents will find all important information pertaining to Deerlake Subdivision.

You must join the forum and be approved by the board in order to gain access. thanks….

Our tour is Over Board of 2019/2020

The board of 2019 -2020 tour is over,  we are tying up a few loose ends, in order to have a successful transition to the new board..  Due to the pandemic we are looking at having a meeting on google meet in order for the community to vote for their new board and update the community on recent events within our community. The pandemic has slowed the progress of HOA business .Until then we will continue to pay the bills but will not complete any projects, or start any projects, until the new board comes in and  take over for their community.  In order to run for the Board you must be a Homeowner in the Community and current on your dues.  Learn your covenants and bylaws, plus the new amendments voted in by your community at the last meeting.

Security Info and more

Security for Deerlake Subdivision will end sometime in August. We are allowed to spend $9,999.00 without the consent of the community. We did that last year and this year for security. Security has helped us stop crime along with the City of Columbia Police Department. We will be having a meeting by the end of August in the Community because the Library is closed to the public due of the pandemic. Also we have spoken to our neighbors in the trailer park about the damage to the fence separating the two communities. They patrol their community to keep down crime. We will be working together to take care of the problem with the damaged fence. They are serious about building up there community as are we, so hopefully they are here to stay. Next the City of Columbia street sweeper will be out sometime this week, please keep cars off the street or we will be force to remove them according to the covenants. Also, having another meeting set with the City of Columbia about putting more lights in the neighborhood. Lastly, I wont be able to put in the time into the neighborhood in about a month due to job promotion and added responsibilities. So the remainder of the time we will be concentrating on the Community Finances and auditing. For all the residents that have been and continuing to stay in compliance we the board thank you so very much. You help this community tremendously doing your part, and make our voluntary time easier to serve the community. God Bless and stay safe…thanks…

We will be voting on the amendment at the next meeting

Members and other residents shall not engage in any abusive or harassing behavior, either verbal or physical, or any form of intimidation or aggression directed at other members, residents, guests, occupants, invitees, or directed at management, its agents, its employees, or vendors. Fines will start off at 225.00 first offense, and will double every offense afterwards. Thanks.

HOA Violations

Hello Deerlake Homeowners, I hope all is well during this pandemic. The officer is going around and posting notices for pressure washing, trash cans, grass cut and shrubs ,etc. He is instructed if he sees green on the homes to send a Pressure wash violation. So if you recieved one he has seen green on your home. There is no good time for violations but they still have to be sent out to the homeowners. If you are unable to pressure wash your home you can request an extension or see if you qualify for having your house pressure wash by volunteers from the neighborhood. If volunteers are not available we do have a pressure washer at your service, just supply the cleaning solution and the gas. You must be current on your homeowner dues, so if we can help by pressure washing your house or extending the use of the HOA pressure washer,please let us know. We are here for you and however we can help to keep your property value up, that is our mission. Thanks

Burned House UPDATE

DeerlakeHOA wants to say THANK YOU CPD for doing a great job keeping our neighborhood safe during this COVIDp 19 pandemic);Just recieved a call from Officer Blackmon of Columbia Police Dept. stating that the Burned house is up for demolition or rather has a demolition case active and it will take time to go through the process. Anywhere from 18 to 24 months but since we are in the middle of an COVID 19 pandemic everything is at a stand still. Also we reported that we have another house in the neighborhood that is unsecured and he stated that they will be out to also post no tresspassing signs on that home. So neighbors if you see anyone around or entering the burned house do not hesitate to call CPD to get them tresspassed or removed from the premises. thanks

Article 5.2 with  the Community Wide Standards

Deerlake HOA will concentrate on enforcing Article 5.2 (Homeowner’s responsibilties). The Community Wide Standards is available for download on All trash receptacles must be covered or screened if seen from the street. We have the approved covers also on All homes must be pressure washed,grass cut & weeded,shrubs trimmed,etc. Lake front residents must maintain their property up to the lake on their property. This wil help maintain property values in your neighborhood. Thanks.

The Lake is OPEN

There are two large beavers (maybe more) in the lake, We have a beaver trapper coming out on 4/14/2020 to set traps. All residents must be current on their dues to enjoy the common areas. (Lake included). If you have friends or family you must accompany them on the common areas or they will be asked to leave or trespassed by the HOA. We have called SCDOT to put up signs along percival road for the people who park and fish from percival road. Thanks

To join the Forum and to gain entry in community documents

You must register in the forum. username and email address. Then you will recieve a confirmation email to your email address you registered. Open the email and click the link. You then will be given a password from Word Press that cannot be changed to your own. Still working on the bugs for that……Copy and paste then save your password. I will get a notification from you registering and then I can approve you through the Dashboard. So until I send you an approval email you wont be able to enter, but you registered for the forum and the community documents.. So dont think your password is not working, I just have to get to you and approve.. Once you receive an email from the HOA you will have full access to the website.thanks