Thanks Columbia Police Dept.

We appreciate all the support you have and continue to provide to this community…

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Cars on grass and side of road

We have now added signs to both entrances for legal purposes.

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In response to the former board members

The research has been completed on the Deerlake Dam. The information presented at the Annual meeting was challenged by the former board members. All Deerlake Dam information presented at the Annual Meeting came directly from DHEC. In fact everything presented to the community are facts. What this board wants to promote is transparancy. The community should have known these facts in REAL TIME. Once the website tech completes uploading the powerpoint presentation, ALL members need to take sometime and look at the information presented to the community. KNOW WHATS GOING ON IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Will post when uploaded to

Deerlake Dam Classification

Lewis, Angela A. <>
Mon 3/9/2020 7:47 PM
D0137 Deerlake Dam – Initial Classification Inspection.pdf
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D0137, Deerlake Dam – Final Dam Classification Letter (5-20-2019).pdf
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Re: Deerlake Dam – D0137
Good evening Mr. Williams,
See attached “Classification Inspection” from 4/11/1978 where Hazard Classification was determined to be Significant Hazard.  This dam was originally classified as a Significant Hazard Dam (Class 2) when the State first began regulating dams in 1978 and has never been classified Low Hazard by the State.  The reclassification from Significant Hazard to High Hazard was finalized on 5/20/2019 (final decision letter attached).
If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.  This request is now closed.

Deerlake Residents Complaint Priorities

This month will be a busy month for the HOA, We are getting quite a few complaints about issues that interfere with your right to enjoy your home and property. We are concentrating on those complaints this month. First any complaints dealing with property value takes priorty. It is the HOA responsiblity to keep property values maintained or increase values. We have already taken care of the excessive parking on the street and grass. Semi trucks in the community, etc. We will start next on trash containers and pressure washing homes. These affect property values. We are in conversations with our attorney on how to handle excessive dog barking. All complaints must be submitted by formal letter. You can send either by email or mail and send to or P.O.Box23412 Columbia SC 29229 Thank you for your patience.

To the Murray Family

Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

May peace and comfort find you during this difficult time.


From the Deerlake Community

To the Former Board Members

Turn over all Original HOA Documents. All HOA Business belongs to the HOA and not to former board members. February 29,2020 the community passed a motion that all original HOA documents need to be transfered to the new board and also complete unfinished business. Please comply. The community has spoken.

Trash Container Covers

Also voted in by the community members at the meeting. All trash containers seen from the street must be covered or screened. We passed a motion for authorized trash container covers, if you are going to leave them in plain sight for whatever reason, they must be covered according to the covenants. Go to to see the style and price of the covers for both the green and the blue trash containers.

Jeacent Central Air Conditioner Covers for Outside Units AC Covers 36x36x39 inches

Welcome Schroders Towing to the Deerlake Family

Now that we have passed specifically that no tractor trailers will be allowed in the neighborhood except when on business, we have hired shroders towing. Cars will be the same as roberts towing 225.00 plus 40.00 a day storage fee. Tractor will be 750.00 + 750.00 for the trailer. I didnt get the storage fee for the tractor and trailer. FYI for some residents, Please go to Article 15.2 in the covenants, there you will find that the HOA has the right to and will tow when you are in violation. Also 15.2 we can send an authorized agent to your residence to deliver the violation. We just added an admendment to clarify Article 15.2 in the covenants. After you recieve your violation we will not send another violation out after the time period has expired or at a later date the residence decides to violate again.

Clearing up some confusion

Before the inevitable happens in our neighborhood in which we don’t want to tow any of our residents vehicles., I want to clear up some confusion. The term (Vehicles) shall include but not limited to motor homes,boats,trailers,motorbikes,minibikes,scooters,go-carts,trucks,campers,buses,vans,and automobiles.Covenant 7.16A paraphrasing all vehicles parked must use your garage spaces first then if you have more vehicles then garage spaces then park ON YOUR LOT. (Driveways) you cannot park on the grass.(This is covered by city ordinance). 7.16B is saying in paraphrasing No vehicles may be parked on community property including ROADS SERVING THE COMMUNITY for no longer than 5 days,( not 5 days then move and park again, 5 days period) unlicensed and inoperable must be parked in garage. 7.16C paraphrasing NO unlicensed vehicle on COMMUNITY PROPERTY only in your garage. The Board has not designated any additional parking areas for insurance purposes. We dont want to be held liable for any damages….We will ALLOW residents and visitors to use roads only if garage and driveways are full. MUST BE FULL AT ALL TIMES before you use the community roads. We have narrow roads and complaints on the daily. We will clear up the roads and then move on with the rest of the covenants. Go to, There you can download a copy of the covenants and bylaws as well as the community wide standards. I hope this clears up any confusion if you have any more questions please email or call the Deerlake HOA.