New to the Deerlake Team

We have acquired the services of Roberts Towing & Transport. PLEASE comply with the covenants. All cars on the side of the road in Deerlake for 5 days or longer will be towed by Roberts Towing & Transport. They service many HOAs in the city limits and come highly recommended from our fellow HOAs. $225.00 will be the cost to be towed plus $40.00 a day storage fee. Once towed off the property all communications should be directed towards Roberts Towing & Transport. Towing will start in the neighborhood starting 2/25/2020.

Street sweepers are here

Volunteers Thank you

Brian and Lil Jee

Would like to give a special shout out and thank you to Brian and my son Lil Jee for volunteering to clean up our neighborhood Saturday.


DEERLAKE Annual Meeting Proxies

PLEASE mail or email your Proxies in if you will not be present for the Annual Meeting. FEBRUARY 29TH FROM 12 TO 3 PM. It is imperative that we have enough proxies from the residents to have a quorum. ONLY qualified residents proxies will count. Which means you must be current on your dues. If you have any questions please contact the HOA. Thanks..

General Response to Deerlake Residents

All Residents to whom this may concern; To the residents who are receiving violation letters. We are not singling out you or certain violators, we are sending letters to all violators. If you see your neighbors in violation and you have received a violation for the same, Trust that we have sent them a violation letter. It will take time to get all to comply. Just know that your board is actively working to get all residents back into compliance. To all residents that are in compliance THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Deerlake Update

Good morning Deerlake Residents, we met with Mr. Sullivan from DHEC on the condition of the lake. He was very impressed with the amount of work done cutting the trees down off of the dam. We have a few more trees that are on the dam that need immediate attention and we will start on those and the removal of the trees 2/5/20. The lake will remain closed until further notice.

Deerlake Lake Update

The Lake is still closed, DHEC will be out in the morning 2/4/20 to assess the lake and what we have done so far. Will update thereafter……

Deerlake Hoa Annual Meeting

The board of 2019 which was elected in March of 2019 will hold its first Annual Meeting February 29 2020 at the Sandhills Library. 12pm to 3 pm. We will be sending out Proxies for the residents who will not be able to attend the meeting. The Proxies are your voice in the community. Please fill out and return ASAP. We are preparing for the meeting and will give you all information requested from the residents. 763 Fashion Dr, Columbia, SC 29223 Richland Library Sandhills, is the address if you plan on attending the meeting. Leave comments on the proxies or suggestions and we will address them at the meeting. Thank you.. UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY.



Deerlake Residents, A letter has been sent out for payment of dues. If you have already paid your dues thank you for your payment and disregard the letter. There is no pro rated payments for dues and if paid after March dues will be delinquent. All other questions concerning your dues can be found at Multiple ways to pay for your convenience. All other issues with delinquent payments will be handled through our attorneys.Thank you