If the weather allows we will host the haunted house tonight, But if not we will host on Friday November 1st. The house has been blown down 5 times we will try it again but the weather is calling for heavy winds and rain again tonight around the time to come out and trick or treat. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Internal Audit

Just an update, we have finally recieved all checks and cash deposits from the bank from 2017 til present, in order to get financial records updated and receipts out to the paid residents..After this complete we will send all delinquent accounts to McCabe Trotter and Beverly, our attorneys.


Deerlake Residents Three Volunteers have put resources and time together to host a haunted house for the residents and the kids of Deerlake. Jerome Ponder, Sam Brackenridge and myself will host the haunted house. So bring the kids by and enjoy the festivities. Will update further before Holloween. UNITY in the COMMUNITY.


Hello Deerlake Residents.
All residents that have used the payment button will be refunded their monies intermediately. Sorry for the inconvenience but we are working through paypal.
Paypal charges 2.9 percent interest plus .30 per transaction, for good and services. Neither in which we are providing. So in order for the HOA or the residents not to be charged these fees, you would have to become paypal member and then send the payments as a friend or family option. This has to be done in order to correctly pay your dues or fines. This will be the only way we can accept payments online in order to keep the financial records correct. We will search for alternative methods but until then this method will be suitable.

Community Wide Standards

Community Wide Standards

We the Board of 2019 are working on the community wide standards mentioned in Article 5 of the covenants. Our goal is and has always been to bring up property values in our community. With these standards this will help toward our goal.

Business meeting 9/16/19

Business Meeting

We had a business meeting at the Blue Fin Restaurant courtesy of McCabe Trotter & Beverly. We have decided to hire this law firm to take care of the 40,000 debt owed to the HOA. We will be sending out letters to try to resolve the issues of payments. Only 60 percent of the neighborhood is current. Once we have used all of the options available we will turn over all past due accounts to the attorneys and we will no longer be involved with the delinquent collections of the HOA.

Update(fact sheet)


Fact sheets were mailed out today and should reach Deerlake Residents within the next 3 days. Please return by 10/01/2019, we need your cooperation in order to update our records.

Deerlake UPDATE

The website is up and running. We will be making minor adjustments to the website now that we are finished with the financial end of the site. We have already started with the enforcing of the Covenants. Letters will be sent to the violators and given time to correct the violations. After that we will proceed with taking actions in court. We have the time to go to court so we will use this option as well as others at our disposal. Payments can be made online for dues, liens and fines as of today.There is a fee for using pay-pal unless you have a pay pal account then you wont be charged a fee. We will be meeting with the collections lawyers on the 16th for a business meeting at the Blue Fin. The invitation was accepted by this board, no funds are needed for this meeting. We will put a plan of action together to collect the monies owed to the HOA. All others that were told to hold off on paying their dues can now pay and no penalties will be added to the total. By 10/01/2019 all dues owed to the HOA will be turned over to the collection lawyers.

Deerlake Update 8/28/2019

Deerlake Residents,

Please be advised that we will start covenant enforcement 9/1/2019. We will send out mail advising all residents, The website is almost complete, just waiting on pay-pal to finalize the account on their end, which will be in another 5 days. Will update later on the break ins in the community, they do have one in custody but there are others involved in the case. GREAT JOB and my hat goes off to the efforts of our Police Dept. (City of Columbia PD). Keep an eye out for your neighbors it will be greatly appreciated by them as well as the Board.